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If you have any questions regarding this website or any requests for additional information concerning KOSMIK, please send us an email at:


Or contact us at:

WL Epic Media Pvt. Ltd.

(Formerly known as KOSMIK GLOBAL MEDIA PVT. LTD.)

ATTN: General Manager - Operations

Rutland Towers (2nd floor)

33 Shafee Mohammed Road

Chennai – 600 006




Kosmik Music catalogue is available for sync licensing to ad agencies, production houses, Television programs or anyone seeking to license music for their projects.

To know if a song belongs to Kosmik Music please follow the simple steps listed below:

o   Pls visit our website and enter the song name in the search bar

o   If you find the song from our website then you can write to us at  or

o   You can write to us with your name, company/production house name and with details about the project.  We will get in touch with you